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Après un combat éprouvant, durant lequel Kyûbi décide de coopérer avec Naruto, lui permettant de prendre sa forme, les six nouveaux Pain sont neutralisés, Naruto leur ôtant leurs récepteurs de chakra, et les démons à queues étant de nouveau scellés dans la statue du Démon des enfers.
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Thế giới mô hình xin giới thiệu một sản phẩm thuộc Series Naturo: Akatsuki Pain Resin Statue Sản phẩm bao gồm: – Một mô hình có kích thước: 64cm x 51cm x 50cm.
Produits similaires au Naruto Shippuden GK figurine Anime Uzumaki-Naruto Sennin modèle VS Pain PVC 20CM Statue jouet à collectionner. Naruto Shippuden modèle d'anime Hatake Kakashi copie Ninja Sharingan Kaminari Giri GK figurine 32CM Statue jouet à collectionner ★ Sexe: Unisexe ★ Taille: 32cm ★ Avertissement: Convient à plus de 3 ans ★ Dimensions: 32 cm ★ Matériau: PVC ... The best 45 Naruto printable coloring pages. Find thousands of coloring pages in the Coloring Library.
To save space and allow freedom of movement, Naruto carries a giant shuriken in a summoning scroll rather than on his back. King of Hell Statue: Location: Roaming Classification: Object Summon Character Affiliation: Pain: The Akatsuki organization uses the King of Hell statue to hold the bijuu it withdraws from captured Jinchuuriki. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE STATUE by Surge Studio featuring none other than Pain using his Planetary Devastation Rinnegan ability when he was throwing down against...
View, comment, download and edit naruto Minecraft skins. Naruto. Resin Statues; Figurine; Other Anime. ... We are passionate collectors, bringing you the best statues currently on the market. Our aim is to give you an easy way to obtain awesome collectables and displays pieces. we are special! KRC Branded products are made by us!
Naruto is more strong-minded than ever to become the greatest ninja, and his hard-earned improvements are put to the final test against stronger enemies. You may also check some Best Pain Quotes from Naruto.
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