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The ovalization of the pinion pin hole is the primary cause of the famous MGB 'rear-end clunk' which is manifest by the 'play' or 'slop' in the action of the rear axle. This situation should not be confused with other, far less serious, sources of 'clunky-type noises' from the rear of an MGB, including universal joints, suspension, and splined ...
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e-locker rear axle conversion? Discussion in '3rd Gen. Tacomas (2016+)' started by MGB, Sep 10, 2016. ... Tresalto Auto Trim Removal Tool Set [Non Marring and No ...
Replace both leaf springs, with new U bolts and 4x rubber pads top and bottom, new rubber bushes (x8) for the shackle pins at the rear spring mounting, possibly new link arms from the shock... May 03, 2015 · The rear axle on my TR4A has to my surprise no drain plug. On all drawings in the catalogue there is a drain plug shown. I guess I have to remove the rear cover assembly to get the old oil out.
Hey all, Fate has it where it is time to look at rear axle swap/upgrade (mine is bent, long story). Ideally, I would love to go with a OEM Toyo rear axle with a rear locker. Anyone have any advice/first-hand-experience on the most economical/easiest rear axle swap with an e-locker? Thanks ahead of time!
MG MGB - MGC | Differential “Banjo Type” Orientation price list in PDF HERE.Please search by our part number. Please send your order to email [email protected] We will be glad to send you our quotation including the shipping cost.
Fuel was dripping pretty solidly onto the garage floor from the rear right hand side. Had a quick peek under the wheel, and it appeared to be coming from the braided pipe coming from the fuel pump. Managed to retighten the end of the hose, and it appears to have worked. Front Drive Axle 104 Rear Drive Axle 105 Inter-Axle Speed Sensor 106 Wheel Differential Lock Assembly 106 Housing and Output Shaft Assembly 107. This may be removed from inside the axle housing when the carrier is removed, or by removal of the forward axle rear cover.
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